Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day !!!

When we three sisters think of our 'Safe Haven' its always around ma ... in her arms in her lap ... and I am sure its true for all the daughters ...

We Three (me n my sisiters)

Ma n Me (Big Sister)  

Ma n Me  

I will surely click one when I meet her next ... but as she was missing me she sent me this ...

I can see those watery eyes ma ...

Ma n Ishi (Middle Sister

Ma n Ishi 

Ma n Chunu (Little Sister)

Ma n Chunu 

My Mum's Mum

To whom I ascribe all my creativity ...

Happy Mother's Day !!!

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  1. very nice didi....we all are cherished by the memories posted by you...lil birdies we were....


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