Friday, 28 June 2013


Being Friday its time to get ready for the weekend; (that means putting away my crochet work and sorting into:- Finished , Finished but require finishing n, Taking care of the scrap yarn) as the weekend is usually for some yarn shopping, replenishing  my crafty stuff n getting stimuli for upcoming  projects.

So talking of Scrap Yarn … made these cute Twashi

Looking now at the picture I also realize that these could also be used instead of the flowers applique on the embroidered tablecloth (this is an old tablecloth embroidered by my ma) or rather seem to be a part of the tablecloth ...

Pattern for this I found over the internet 

Enjoy Crocheting and your Weekend!!!


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Motif # 28

Got a new book Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs by Edie Eckman … A book filled with not just square crochet motifs but circles, triangles, stars, hearts, hexagons and many more shapes one could imagine in equally unimaginable color combinations. I first came across this book in library n knew I had to have it. 

So had to try my hand on one of the motifs (#28) and here’s my version of it (there is a change in just the last round) …

… hopefully there will be many more to come … question is will they be of the same type to join n make into something bigger or will I be enticed to try my hand on each n every one and use each motif in an extraordinary way like here.

Though I am part unhappy too as I missed this … If only I knew how to crochet then … but nevertheless I guess all of us could start something like it based on our favorite motif … What do you all say ?

Enjoy Crocheting!!!

Friday, 21 June 2013

My crochet gets to travel ...

I am too excited … as my crochet work gets to travel from Lucknow, India all the way to California, USA.

Made this little bag for a little princess and hoping that she likes it and has extreme fun playtime with it.

Yarn Used:  Red Heart Super Saver ID #: 0724

Hook Used: I-9 (5.5mm)

The bag pattern is from 

And the flower sewn on top is I am sorry to say pattern less as I whipped it in a whim.

Enjoy Crocheting !!!

EDITED to add ... Just stumbled upon this blog here and it has some marvelous flower designs that one can try.

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