Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Heart Tag

What You'll need :

Hook: 3.5 mm
Yarn: Laura Knitting Cotton

Chain = ch
Slip Stitch = sl st
Single Crochet = sc
Half Double Crochet = hdc
Double Crochet = dc
Treble Crochet = tr

1.     Ch 4, Join with a sl st to form a ring.


2.    Ch 3 (count as 1st dc) and make 10 dc into the ring, Join with a sl st to the top chain of ch3. (11dc)

3.    Ch 3(count as 1st dc) 2 tr in the same spot, 2 tr in the next, 2dc in the next, 2 hdc in the next, 2 sc in the next, 1sc 1dc 1sc in the next, 2 sc in the next, 2hdc in the next, 2 dc in the next, 2 tr in the next, 2 tr in the next and ch 3 and join with a sl st in the same spot.

4.    Ch 25 (or ch for the desired length of the charm) and sl st to the center or join with an invisible join.


5.    Sew in the ends at the back.

I found the heart tag's use with the pen drive, as key chain charms, bag charms, wall decorations ...


Enjoy Crocheting !!!


  1. Hey there!!! Thanks for your comment on our blog (Boys & Bunting). These hearts are so pretty!!!! I bet they're so fast to make which makes it a great quick project! Beautiful!!!! I'm gonna bookmark this pattern!!! xxx

    1. Omg ...this is a day of celebration for me n my blog ... I got a celebrity visit ... you guys are celebrities of the crochet world ... thank you so much for appreciating my work ... thanks a ton ...


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