Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Anticipation

The anticipation is killing me … Anticipating What? … My mum n my youngest sis are going to visit me …

…so the week ahead is going to be busy – shopping – catching up - eating out - busy as was the past week + weekend with all the cleaning n getting organized …

I have been so full of glee that nothing new is coming off the hook … though I did start with a bag (pattern found over the internet)

but exhilaration of planning their visit took over making me too impatient to finish it all the way through so just left it half way to be used as another pouch (one that I made before can be found here) but I must say this isn’t looking half bad(I feel) …

this one is done using hook –US E/4-3.50mm


Enjoy Crocheting n see you next week!!!


  1. Your pouch looks pretty, Benu !!:) love those vibrant colors!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!! Try adding some followers or google+ button so that fellow bloggers can follow you to see your creations. People don't generally prefer emaill subscription unless they are on other blogging applications(Wordpress etc) than yours.

  2. Hey Preeti ...
    thanks for visiting back and the great tip ... will get onto it right away ...
    enjoy !!!


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