Thursday, 25 July 2013

Crocheted Friendship Bands

This is one of those posts where I had set out to make something and ended up making something totally different (let’s say same concept, different utility) …funny … but I bet this must have happened to all of us at one point or the other …

So what was I attempting to make … ‘a RAKHI ‘… with Raksha Bandhan round the corner on 20st August … I thought it would be great to send some handmade crocheted Rakhi this time to my cousins … and ended up making a crocheted bracelet … but no regrets nevertheless as Friendship Day (Sunday , August 4) falls before Raksha Bandhan (Tuesday, August 20)  

a closer look ... 

I bet it did came out good n would fulfill the task of having fancy friendship band for a dear friend …

The more I was looking for boyish/guyish  pattern the more girly patterns I stumbled upon …

This pattern found over the internet is simple n easy to follow if you know how to read a chart n row numbers labeled 1,2,3 make it self-explanatory so as where to start n end.

Hook : US E/4-3.50 MM
Yarn: Vardhman Knitting Yarn

I do not know if the pattern called for adding the beads later but I did it my way and thread them before n kept adding them along the crocheting also the beads were tending to run on the reverse which I had to push n bring them to front just for once though n then they stayed there … also reduced the end loop size just to the button I used.

Enjoy Crocheting !!!

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