Monday, 23 September 2013

Guitar Lover Gift

What could be an ultimate gift for a guitar enthusiast … that is what my quest was for past few days …

And found an answer which was so simple and right there … 

What could be better than the Instrument itself … adding the touch of my craft would mean it has to be crocheted … so here it is in the birthday girls favorite color …

Happy Crocheting n Gifting !!!


  1. Thanku for all the effort and thinking !!!....luvd it

  2. Thanku for all the effort and thinking !!!....luvd it

  3. You are most welcome ... I loved making it ...
    Have got more orders for the same ...

  4. That's a very pretty guitar on crochet. Lovely color :)

  5. This is awesome! Do you have a pattern? Or measurements? This would be great on the back of a crocheted jacket. 😁


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